I was born in Boothbay Harbor, but Southport is my home and I have spent most of my life on or near the Maine shore. As a child, I believed there was no other place like it. I still do believe that. Painting the place I love most gives me a great deal of comfort and satisfaction. I try to pass that experience on to the observer. Maine is a special mix of color, textures, essences and personal feelings. To adapt that mix to paper or canvas is exciting and challenging. Hour by hour, season by season, it is never the same. The sights, sounds and smells of where I live, feed ones’ soul and creativity. From the smell of the wind dusting over the mudflats or the phlox in the garden, to the excitement I feel at seeing the first snowfall, I want to convey that in color and have fun doing it.

After 23 years, I have decided to no longer have an open studio in order that I can spend more time painting. I have enjoyed meeting all of you that have gone off the beaten path to find me either by chance or as a destination. Thank you for your support.

Elderkin Studios
P.O. Box 92
Southport, ME 04576